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The official FAQ page of Stank Ape Speakeasy. Last updated January 2023.

  • Is there a whitelist?
    Yes. We have a tiered WL system. The higher you are on the tier the more Stank Apes you can mint.
  • When is the first mint?
    Public mint day 28 August 11:00am EST. Whitelisted Discord members' will get 24 hours before the public mint (27 August 11:00am EST) to sent their ADA, in order to guarantee their Apes.
  • How much is the mint?
    The mint price of the OG Stank Ape Speakeasy collection is 58 ADA.
  • How many Stank Apes will be sold?
    There are 5,000 unique Ape NFTs. 4,500 will be minted. 500 Apes will be withheld from the sale for giveaways, promotions, and the team.
  • What wallets can I use?
    Only send from a Shelley wallet (ex. Nami, CCVault/Eternl, Daedalus, Yoroi, etc). DO NOT SEND FROM AN EXCHANGE. You will not be refunded for failing to follow this rule.
  • Does the Stank Apes have rarity?
    Yes, the Stank Apes have a rarity that will be posted to the website and accounted for in the collectoin.
  • Can I mint more than 1 Stank Ape at a time?
    Yes. Whitelist is up to 10 per wallet. No wallet limit in public sale, 10 max per transaction.
  • So I sent the wrong amount of ADA, what will happen?
    You'll receive a refund minus the transaction fees. People sending ADA during the whitelist mint that aren't on the whitelist, will NOT receive a refund.
  • How can I help the community grow?
    As you must know, NFT projects thrive off a healthy community. By engaging with the team and each other on our discord, having proactive and supportive conversation goes a long way in a community. Invite your friends, get people excited about where this project is going, and talk cats in space!
  • Why Cardano?
    We initially did plan to launch on Ethereum, but with the recent gas fees skyrocketing, we felt the need to find a way to make our project more accessible to everyone. Cardano is an up and coming Blockchain ecosystem which we have high hopes for the future. Opensea will soon support Cardano NFT trading, and smart contracts are nearly available as well. With gas fees being astronomically higher with Ethereum, we see it as only a matter of time before Cardano gains serious traction in the NFT space.
  • Is the team Doxxed?
    YES! See Team description and click on the names.
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