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The official Whitepaper of Stank Ape Speak Easy. Last updated December 2022.


Stank Ape Speak Easy (SASE) is the first ever CNFT project to offer real-life brewery integration.  McAllister’s Brewery is located in North Wales, Pennsylvania, approximately 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia.  Tucked away behind an industrial park, we decided to embrace the Speak Easy theme for our project.  McAllister’s Brewery will be integrated in to the project by hosting live in-person events and marketing to both experienced NFT investors and newcomers alike.


SASE will be a designed to develop a strong and engaged community, while constantly providing value to our holders.  In addition to giving back to our holders, SASE will give back to the community through charitable contributions.  Our first donation will be focused on protecting apes and other wild animals through anti-poaching measures.

SASE Collection Dynamics

We will have a total of 5,000 Stank Apes released onto the Cardano Blockchain at 58 ADA each.  4,500 will be available though our mint, while 500 will be reserved for the team (200) and giveaways (300).

While we realize we are reserving a large percentage of the mint, we are doing so for strategic reasons:

  • Our team has faith in being able to grow the value of our project, and decided to take the majority of personal payment through SASE CNFTs as opposed to royalties.  This will allow us to re-invest 50% of all royalties back to the holders of the project and to future charities.  Royalties will be explained later in the whitepaper below

  • We plan to reward those engaged with the community though many avenues of giveaways including poker tournaments, discord games such as jack box, gartic, trivia, and more

  • We also plan to reward our loyal holders with giveaways tailored for those who hold our apes without listing

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