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The official Whitepaper of Stank Ape Speak Easy. Last updated December 2022.


Stank Ape Speak Easy (SASE) is the first ever CNFT project to offer real-life brewery integration.  McAllister’s Brewery is located in North Wales, Pennsylvania, approximately 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia.  Tucked away behind an industrial park, we decided to embrace the Speak Easy theme for our project.  McAllister’s Brewery will be integrated in to the project by hosting live in-person events and marketing to both experienced NFT investors and newcomers alike.


SASE will be a designed to develop a strong and engaged community, while constantly providing value to our holders.  In addition to giving back to our holders, SASE will give back to the community through charitable contributions.  Our first donation will be focused on protecting apes and other wild animals through anti-poaching measures.

SASE Collection Dynamics

We will have a total of 5,000 Stank Apes released onto the Cardano Blockchain at 58 ADA each.  4,500 will be available though our mint, while 500 will be reserved for the team (200) and giveaways (300).

While we realize we are reserving a large percentage of the mint, we are doing so for strategic reasons:

  • Our team has faith in being able to grow the value of our project, and decided to take the majority of personal payment through SASE CNFTs as opposed to royalties.  This will allow us to re-invest 50% of all royalties back to the holders of the project and to future charities.  Royalties will be explained later in the whitepaper below

  • We plan to reward those engaged with the community though many avenues of giveaways including poker tournaments, discord games such as jack box, gartic, trivia, and more

  • We also plan to reward our loyal holders with giveaways tailored for those who hold our apes without listing

SASE Royalties Distribution

Royalty Dist.png

10% = Brewery - This will go to the brewery for setting up a yearly catered event for all Stank Ape holders and help support operations including marketing such as labeling cans with our QR Code to SASE and setting up TVs to bring in revenue from marketing other projects

20% = Treasury - This will go to keeping a healthy stack for the project for future development and project initiatives


20% = Team - Our team was willing to take such a small share of the royalties in exchange for withheld NFTs from mint.  We believe in our project, and are more than happy to grow alongside our fellow investors

20% = Marketing - The goal of this will be holder focused to keep a constant supply CNFTs to be used as giveaways for the community.  We want to build an active and fun community, and this will allow us to constantly host games and events

10% = Community - Community voted/selected purchases of other projects for poker and game giveaways.  This will allow us to sweeten the pot and diversify into other projects for our community

10% = Future Charity - We will reserve 10% of our royalties for future charity contributions which will be voted on by our community.  This allows us to constantly give back and make the world a better place

10% = Lucky Holder of the Month - Every month, one lucky holder will earn 10% of all the royalties earned for that month!  We will use the following criteria for selection to encourage and reward loyal holders:

  • Winner must have no Stank Apes listed for sale.  We will announce the winner at the beginning of the following month; however a random day will be selected each month to pick the winner.  This will prevent holders from being able to simply delist the day before we choose a winner. If a winner has any Stank Apes listed, a new winner will be chosen

Yearly Private Catered Party for Holders

We will host a real-life catered event at McAllister’s Brewery for SASE holders (Alcohol will be charged separately).  We want to develop a strong community, not only online, but in person as well.  We anticipate this to be an absolute blast for holders, and can’t wait for everyone to have fun and meet each other in real life!

  • Every SASE owned will count as 1 ticket

  • Holders can own multiple SASE NFTs or pay the current floor price to admit +1’s

  • Holders will have the option of selling their tickets to interested parties


Virtual Brewing Equipment

We will be releasing Limited Pieces of Virtual Brewing Equipment that can be combined into Virtual Breweries.  There will be a total supply of 1000 pieces, and 5 pieces will be required to construct a Brewery:

  • 100 will be dropped to random top 1k holders

  • 100 will be dropped to random holders of any rank

  • 100 WL spots will be raffled to top 1k holders

  • 500 WL spots will be raffled to holders of any rank

  • 200 WL spots will rewarded though giveaways and games

  • Any remaining pieces will be open to public mint

After the mint, we will have dedicated channels in discord for trading pieces of brewing equipment, as well as teaming up with other members to construct the breweries.  One person may own all 5 pieces and have sole ownership, or several members could come together to form their own brewery with each owning 20% per piece.  We plan on using this event to further strengthen the bonds and friendships within the SASE community.


Each whole brewery will count as a governance token for future votes on our project.  Keep in mind that to ensure you have control of the vote, you must own the majority share of a brewery (3+ pieces).  If there is no majority holder (say 5 members each own 1 piece), each brewery will hold a vote amongst itself to determine the direction of the governance vote.


After brewery construction, each brewery will be encouraged to create a name and back-story.  We plan on creating a fun event for each brewery to create a location, name, and type(s) of beer they want to specialize in.  While this may not hold any immediate utility for our virtual breweries, it may influence which future projects/collabs wish to brew out of that brewery first.


In addition to governance, the virtual breweries will be used to mint any future drops through the SASE.  In order to brew future NFT’s, a project will need to combine both hops and malts through our breweries.  Each brewery can set its own price to mint at a minimum of 10 ADA.  We chose a minimum of 10 ADA to ensure breweries can’t be undercut to a point where the utility is no longer valuable.  Any future projects or drops will require hops and malt to create an nft, and will need to pay the virtual brewery their fee as well.  The price of hops will be sent to the project/nft that is being brewed, the malt will be the fee collected by SASE, and the brewery fee will go to the holder(s) of the virtual brewery equipment.  An appropriate cool down (fermentation time) will be assessed for each drop being brewed through our virtual breweries to ensure each brewery has a fair shot of receiving the utility of owning a brewery.  Examples of how we plan on marketing our virtual brewing system will be explained in the whitepaper below.

Hammered Apes Drop

We realize that our Stank Apes will be parched, and once they satiate this thirst with some brews, they will become Hammered Apes.  Thus, we will be releasing our limited Hammered Ape collection as the first drop to be run though our virtual breweries.  We will be releasing Hammered Ape hops, which will allow members to mutate their Stank Apes (while retaining their original) into Hammered Apes.  Each ape minted will need to be run through our virtual breweries, thus providing immediate utility to our virtual brewery holders.

Owning a Hammered Ape will have unique utility of its own:

  • Our Hammered Apes will actually be two CNFTs in one, and not only come with a PFP style CNFT, but also a 1500px x 500px CNFT to display as your twitter banner.

  • Owning a Hammered Ape will also enter you into considerations for any future WLs that our project is able to secure though partnerships with other projects

  • Hammered Apes will get access to exclusive merchandise at a 20% discount

  • Potential for brewery TV Ad revenue sharing will be distributed to a random Hammered Ape holder on a monthly basis using the same criteria as the lucky holder of the month

Chalkboard NFTs

After the mint, we are going to open our chalkboard at McAllister’s Brewery open to any SASE holder to draw/sketch anything they please.  While we realize this may result in many clams and sausages, we want to encourage holders who visit the real-life brewery the opportunity to come have a beer with us and create their very own art.  Each month, a snapshot of that chalkboard will be taken and released as an NFT in our collection that will be minted through one of our virtual breweries.  Every year will be minted as a “season.”  Keep in mind, as the years pass, we predict the earlier seasons to gain value as a collector’s item within the SASE community.

Community Engagement

We plan to develop one of the strongest and most engaged communities in all of Cardano.  Our community will be the staple of future brewery utility, which will be detailed below.  This is something which can not only be accomplished by the team, but by the members and investors of the project.  We plan to heavily reward those who are actively engaged, and incentivize new investors to both join and participate in our community events in several ways.

  • Ape follow Ape – The cornerstone of building our community will be to ensure that every member of our community is connected through social media.  We have seen this successfully accomplished in other projects and want to take it to another level.  We are going to randomly reward holders who follow and retweet new members of our project.  The more Apes you follow, retweet, and like SASE related posts, the greater your chances of winning prizes!  Our dream goal would be to have every member both following and followed by 90% of the SASE community

  • Twitter Raiders – We are going to be rewarding those who like and retweet anything SASE related.  We want everyone to hear about our project and have the opportunity to grow alongside our project!

  • GIFs, MEMEs, and Graphics – We will be rewarding holders who created custom SASE related GIFs, MEMEs, and custom pictures/videos within our community!  Anyone who has artistic talent or a master of photoshop will have an opportunity to both provide our community with awesome content and be rewarded at the same time!

  • Content creators – We will always be willing to work with content creators to grow our community and theirs at the same time.  Our team is willing to provide any information needed and appear on twitter spaces, interviews, and help create in-depth rundowns of our project and vision for the future

Future Virtual Brewery Utility

We plan on using our virtual breweries and SASE as an on-ramp for both experienced NFT projects and newcomers that are completely new to crypto and the CNFT space.  We plan to offer value to many different types of projects and continue providing value to our virtual brewery holders.

   - Artists – Artists with little to no experience in the NFT space will be able to use our resources to create NFTs through our virtual breweries.  Artists on other blockchains will also have the option of smoothly transitioning to a Cardano collection and immediate access to an already engaged CNFT community

   - Charities – Charities with no experience within the space will be able to create NFTs through our breweries to raise money for their cause.  For these projects, we will dramatically lower if not negate the cost of the malt (SASE fee) to ensure that the charity is getting the large majority of the benefit from the drop

   - Real-life Companies – Other breweries and businesses will have the option to utilize our platform to create their own NFT projects.  We will provide the art, utility, and community needed to launch a successful NFT project

   - Holiday/Special Internal Event Releases – We plan on releasing special collections of Halloween Ape hops, Christmas Ape hops, St. Paddy’s day Ape hops, etc with badass art to continue providing value to our virtual brewery holders

   - Cardano Collabs – We would love to partner with other projects to create unique collections through our virtual breweries


   - Collabs from other Blockchains – While we felt that the Cardano blockchain made the most sense for the SASE project, we are certainly not Cardano maximalists.  We will encourage projects from any chain to venture onto the Cardano blockchain using our virtual breweries with immediate access to an already established CNFT community

   - Metaverse Partnerships – We have no intentions of creating our own metaverse. We feel that there are other projects already leading the way in this metaverse creation space.  With that being said, we would love our holders to be able to show off their Stank Apes in many already established metaverses.  We plan to use our virtual breweries to create 3-D metaverse-compatible rendering 


We will offer a unique platform with many benefits to draw these collaborations, companies, and individuals to use our virtual breweries to mint:

  • We will have an already established following with a strong and engaged community

  • We have a unique way of marketing to people already in the space and newcomers alike through the QR codes being printed on our real life McAllister brewery beer cans 

  • We will offer advertising through the TVs in the bar

  • Some of our project members are willing to offer their personal metaverse property estates on Boss Planet and Lazy Island to advertise for other projects who partner with us

  • We have an amazing artist who can create the artwork side of NFTs for companies and charitable organizations to make their collections stand out

  • We have team members who can help create a roadmap and whitepaper to add meaningful utility to their project and create value to potential investors


Meet The Team

Seth Montz - Head of Operations and Website Development. Co-Owner of McAllister Brewing Company. Will be leading the real life brewery to SASE CNFT Integration. Discord: Pick [SASE]#4826

Dr. Tom Ketner - Head of Whitepaper Development. Multiple years of Crypto Investment and vast NFT Experience on multiple blockchains such as Cardano, Ethereum, XRP, Solana, and Avalanche. Discord: RuckingHooker [SASE]#4884

Chris Popolizio - Head of Marketing and Collaboration Manager. Multiple years of Crypto Investment and vast NFT experience on multiple blockchains such as Cardano, Ethereum, and Solana. Discord: cpop0587 [SASE]#9376

Andy Bonesteel - Artist of the Badass SASE Collection. Experience NFT Artist. Over 15 years in graphic design and animation with experience on multiple blockchains such as Cardano, Solana, and Ethereum. Discord: Stank_Bonez [SASE]#8401

Whitepaper is subject to change. 

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c 2022 McAllister Brewing Co., LLC

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